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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Life of Miss Virgin Islands...

I've done terribly at keeping you all updated on the "outs and abouts"of Miss Virgin Islands, so this post is dedicated solely to updating you all on what I've been up to! First let me say I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday! I'll definitely remember mine, the very first thanksgiving where I paid attention to how much food I put on my plate. (Not Fun but Necessary :). This was also the first Thanksgiving holiday that I refrained from taking a slice of every single cake, pie, and tart on the kitchen counter! 

"Drug Free Is Me"

Now, that I've told you about my ''eventful'' holiday, what's next!? My community service and involvement of course! Over the past few months and have been consistently involved with many different activities here in the Virgin Islands. One of the most uplifting was certainly that of the "Drug Free is Me" march and program. I was asked to walk with students and the Ivanna Eudora Kean marching band in a parade promoting drug use prevention among the entire community. I was also asked to speak on the topic of drug abuse, and I made it clear that drug use affects our community terribly, but if we work together to prevent the senseless use of illegal drugs, we can certainly make it past any obstacle that negative drug use presents. I was also given the opportunity to learn quite about about red ribbon week from a featured DEA agent and gained so much inspiration from the true story of Mr. Vanterpool and how he overcame his struggle with substance abuse as a veteran of the police force.

"There She Sings"
Kokopelli's Kafe has quite a few of the BEST things in the world, best hamburgers, best steaks and best owners! Jen and Pat Witcher have become such a solid force behind me as a get closer and closer to my task of dominating the Miss America competition this coming January. Jen has if anything, become the one of persons on my team, most determine to see that I do well, but also to see that I am happy and comfortable with every thing. Pat has made it his goal to see that I am fully prepared for any curve ball question during interview and that I am extremely grateful for. They are both so very dedicated to me and I am so grateful. I was invited by them to sign autographs and perform my Miss America talent during there night of live music!
I had a great time showcasing my talent for my local Virgin Islanders and their support was amazing. It truly brought me to tears. I simply cannot wait to perform my talent for the entire nation to see, and make my territory proud. It was also amazing to see how many people were just as excited to meet with me! While signing my autograph cards (Printed by the amazing Color Max V.I.) I received so many well wishes and words of encouragement. I was reminded how truly loved and respected I am among my people.

"Speaking to the Delta Gems"

Most recently, I was given the amazing opportunity of speaking to a group of girls that are mentored by the local chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority. I was so enthused to see so many amazing women of our community truly take part in uplifting those that remind us so much of our former selves. I shared this moment with my fellow queen sisters, Miss USVI World, Taeisa Lashley and Miss USVI International Vanessa Donastorg. We spoke on the benefits of pageantry and how it should be used to build confidence, determination and the will to succeed even after having failed. We each, spoke on our separate experiences and on how pageantry was beneficial towards us.  I am so grateful to both Taeisa and Vanessa for helping me with promoting my platform and for being continuously supportive of my journey. 

So far, so good. As January draws closer, my preparations have become far more intense but I continue to involve myself endlessly because above all, my goal is to serve.I hope you all enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for my work out post and my next pageant platform queen! 

All My Love,
Miss Virgin Islands.

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