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Monday, December 10, 2012

Life Lesson #1

This experience has taught me so much, about so many different things in life. I want to share one of the most important lessons I've learned this far. I've learned the importance of relationships, and I've learned the importance of knowing when to let go of them. Don't let the glamour of the crown and sash be fooling. This experience is tedious, this job requires so much, not only do I prepare to do my very best at the upcoming Miss America pageant, but I am also vigorously giving back to those that deserve it.So yes the journey is spectacular in more ways than one but the luxury of it does not come without the labor. 

With that being said, my goal is set and I am determined to do well. I am so focused on representing the Virgin Islands to the best of my ability and I cannot afford to let anything or anyone deter me from that goal. Relationships, when negative, can do that. They can steer us away from the path that God has presented us with. They can hinder us from our greatest successes and triumphs. So we must know when a relationship is no longer worth our time because it becomes an obstacle, something it should never be. Whether it is a friendship, or a "family-ship" or one of intimacy, it should never be negative. 

You see what happens in life is very easy to understand. We are all painting a picture, and we get to choose our colors. If we choose the wrong color that picture becomes distorted because the ugly flows into the beautiful, it becomes blended until all you see is a brown, ugly muck. Don't allow that ugly color to distort the beauty of your achievement or success. 

I have come from so much to reach this point, I have been the shy girl, sitting in the corner, teased and made fun off, because I was "too skinny" or "not pretty" enough. I have been that girl that struggled to find my place among my peers, years older than me. I have been to the very bottom and that is why I am so humbled to be in this position. But, as humbled as I am, I will not take any of this for granted, nor will I downplay the work I so diligently put in to get here and I will never let anyone place shade on my accomplishments. I've worked hard for them, so as long as God will allow it, they will shine brightly. 

My goal is set, and as every other goal I have set for myself, I will achieve it and if not, come very very close.  In order for me to do this, I must be aware of relationships that have a negative impact on this goal. I must weed out the dark and musty colors, as we all should. What is your goal? Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months or 2 years? Answer these questions. Now, begin to surround yourself with people that will appreciate this goal. Engulf yourself with individuals that will congratulate you on every step of this journey, seek out those that will encourage you when it seems like you cannot make it. Let go of those that are a negative force towards your achievement, but a positive force towards your failure. They might not always do it purposely, but if they do not stop, release them. You don't need that, not do you deserve. We are only human, but you would not imagine the power our words and actions have on one another. So, unless there power is positive, release it, don't worry yourself with salvaging relationships that will only benefit your failure. 

I just wanted to share this with you all. I have learned so much and I just hope that my experiences can be a lesson to others.

With Love,
Miss Virgin Islands

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