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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Stage Is Set...

I just can't believe it. In 11 days I will be traveling to Las Vegas to take part in, what I know will be, the most amazing experience of my life! You all could not imagine what I am thinking. So many things are racing through my mind! Am I prepared, am I ready? Will I slip and fall? Are my shoes to high? lol. :) Yes, I'm thinking these things, multiplied by a thousand! But even more so, I'm thinking of you all. Will I make you all proud? Have I represented my territory well enough? Will I be the first Miss virgin Islands to break that barrier and enter the top fifteen!? Questions, questions, questions. I'm probably a little crazy now, because as I ask them, I answer them! Who would have thought a former wall flower would bloom this brightly!? I've never been the average beauty queen and I think that is what makes me the best kind of beauty queen. I still hear my professors as we spoke, "Hmmm, A Miss America, that's a cultural feminist?" That's exactly what I am! A proud activist for women and for those different. I'm a mix of so many cultures, so I am a representation of these cultures and of the people within these cultures. With every step I take, it is to break down the walls set in front of us. 
I'm ready for those walls!. I could not have been more prepared for this. I have been planning on this for the past four years. I have had dreams of this my entire life and I finally woke up and made it an amazing reality. Just a few days ago, as I was doing my final fitting with my dress designer Juan Carlos Pinera, I felt like Miss America. I saw myself in that dress, I thought of all the hard work I  had done and all that I have sacrificed and all that I had prayed for. I could see myself being crowned in this dress. I could see myself as the last standing after everything that I had to overcome. Anyone that knows me, knows that this road has not been an easy one but it has been rewarding, and in my heart I know that my greatest reward is somewhere in the near, NEAR future. ;) 

The fears are here as well. Everyone has told me its quite normal to be nervous. I speak to my friends every day about my worries and they are always willing to knock me right out of my fear, party of one. "Take those panties of yours out of that knot and rock it!" Which is what I'm going to do! When that first night of preliminary competition arrives, I'm going to show them why every one says Islands girls do it best! Thank you all for your endless love, support and dedication to my success as Miss Virgin Islands. We are going to make history this time! 

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