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Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Island Style Christmas and Catalina Swim!

Christmas is right around the corner y'all! But, as I see pictures of snow covered drive ways and snowflake decorated trees, I just can't relate! You see, I'm from paradise. It never goes below 75 degrees during the day and we'd trade snow for sand any day of the week. My Christmas time is different! Friends are beginning to come home but we aren't planning ski trips, we're planning a day jet skiing, zip lining and snorkeling! We aren't pulling out heavy coats or scarves or boots. We're debating if we should add new swim suits to our, already overwhelming, collection. Our beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world and we take such pride in them. From Magens bay to Brewers Bay, Coki Point and Lindquist, the selection is overwhelming! I just love calling this place home. I can't wait till all my favorites ladies get back so we can spend our entire days on the beach. I just have to remember not to fall asleep under the sun or I'll look like a burnt KitKat! All this talk about the beach has me even more excited that my Catalina Swimwear for the Miss America competition is here, fits perfectly and is ready to be seen in all its glory on that Miss America stage! I'm so happy that the are a sponsor and I can't wait till this line makes it debut in Walmart shopping centers all over the country! When we traveled to Orlando we had an opportunity to sneak a peek at this line and I think it's truly amazing that Catalina has made an array of swimwear fitting for every woman of every color, body type and height! I'm an island girl so I surely live on the beacg, and trust me when I tell you, once you see the Miss America Swim by Catalina you'll want to live on the beach too! That cute swimsuit will have you beach babe ready. The selection of styles and colors are to die for and the fabric and quality will surely be worth the price. I can't wait to make both Catalina Swimwear and the Miss America Organization proud when I hit that stage in January! Thank you again to Miss America and Catalina for not only providing us contestants with gorgeous suits but for providing every woman with the right suit to feel good and comfortable and gorgeous in! 

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