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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Little Piece of Me: I never thought my wildest dreams could be the realest.

"A tiny little smile, a powerful little heart
A world so ready to be conquered, But She was never sure where to start
She traded her barbie dolls, for make up kits,
Her diapers and hair bows, for panty house and pin curls
Now she tackles a stage, fit for a queen
A princess, who just years ago, though that the thought of being Miss America could only be a dream,
Now I know where to start, I have a plan and a goal,
I just hope I never forget the little girl that's still somewhere deep inside, smiling at our dreams coming true."

Aniska Tonge-Miss Virgin Islands

 I wanted to share a little piece of me with my cherished supporters. I think 
it's amazing to look back into our lives and wonder how we've reached the positions we are currently in. 21 years ago I was nothing but a dream come true for my loving parents and now I have the opportunity to make my very own dreams a reality. So, here is a little piece of me, a girl who never thought that life could be so big and dreams were nothing short of possible.

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  1. What a beautiful woman. You have my vote. I hope you win.