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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flash Back: MAOT Orlando

I was browsing through pictures and came across a few snap shots from my first trip as Miss Virgin Islands. I'm still so proud of my Outstanding teen Aliyah, she was amazing. I love her like a little sister, and I'm so honored to be spending my reign with such a talented and driven young woman. Ms. Claire Roker ,my chaperon, is still my go to gal for any and everything I need! After long days it sky high heels, Ms. Roker made sure I had extra snacks in my room, and made sure I had everything I needed to be extremely comfortable on my whirlwind trip. What's not to love about that? I'm forever grateful and I can't wait to visit them both on our sister island, St. Croix. 
Could you believe it's been more than a month since I've met some of the most amazing women in the country? These girls and myself, will share a bond like no other for the rest of our lives. There will never again be a Miss America Class of 2013. I'm pretty excited to see them all very soon! I distinctly remember our first encounter. I had just landed in Orlando and was rushed to an orientation. I was terrified and a bit nervous, meeting 52 of the most talented, beautiful and intellectual women in the country. I remember Miss Maine welcoming me instantly, pulling a chair beside her seeing as I was late and had no where to sit. A few of us clicked instantly when we found out we all loved Harry Potter! I remember being a bit jealous of Miss Texas, she visited the Harry Potter attraction just days before! I definitely Miss the two Mariah's (Miss Iowa and Miss Nebraska). Miss Nebraska and I bonded over a complete fear of roller coasters or anything scary on our trip to Disney world! She's my "sit this one out" buddy for life. Miss California saved us both though! I swear nothing scares her, she's pretty much down for anything. I definitely can't wait to see them again . I think it's sometimes forgotten that one of the most important parts of any competition, is the lasting friendship you can gain with so many of the girls. I look forward to that. I'm most excited about getting to know these amazing women even more. We're definitely a class to keep your eye on. We have quite a few things going for ourselves, and I don't think we'll disappoint you guys.

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