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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Miss Virgin Islands 2012: A Message To Those I Humbly Serve

The United States Virgin Islands is a complete melting pot of so many different cultures and characters. I myself, am a little bit of everything. I'm a dash of a country girl, born in the great state of Texas, A hint of a Florida fighter, educated at the great University of South Florida, and more than a few cups of an authentic island girl.  At just a young age, I have experienced quite a few different arenas. But, with all that is different about is, there is far more in common. Our values are so very much alike.
We are raised to be respectable, driven and determined. We strive, always, to do our very best. We are a welcoming people, open to the ideas and views of many others. I think growing up in this beautiful paradise, has enabled me to be an amazing ambassador for my country, The United States of America. I have had the opportunity to meet an experience the lives of people from many different places, and we are a country composed of many different people from many different back grounds. As a potential candidate for the title of  Miss America 2013, it is important to know who you are representing. It is also pertinent to know that you are handed the task of representing those different than yourself. I have had the amazing opportunity to be an ambassador for the Virgin Islands once before as the Junior Commissioner of Tourism in the year 2007, I represented this American paradise among several different islands of the Caribbean at the annual Caribbean Tourism Conference.  I now hope with everything that is within me to be honored with the job of representing not just my island home, but my beloved country as Miss America 2013. Although this task is very hard, and the odds may not always be in my favor, I was always taught that if I have a Father than can give and take life, and walk on water...Nothing is impossible. My only goal, through every step of this journey is to make my home, and my country proud. Regardless of the outcome, it is my wish that my fellow country men see how truly dedicated I am, and will always be to the progression of us all. Through my platform, my performance and my perseverance I hope to make you all proud.

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