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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To Whom Much Is Given: My Visit To St. Peter & Paul Cathedral School

Hey Guys! I know it's been a while. I've been extremely busy though. Talent practice is well under way, I've chosen my song and it's perfect, very fitting of the place I'm in right now, as far as life goes. My vocal coach is amazing! I absolutely love her. She makes it easy, and absolutely enjoyable. I can't wait to head up to Jacksonville to meet with my pageant coach to put the final touches on everything. But, my local team is definitely keeping meon my toes. Need less to say, I have a great team behind me as far a performance preparation. So, now that I've gotten you up to speed with why I've been so incognito, I'd love to share my school visit with you. 

I was invited to share some time with the first grade class at the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral School. As you all know, bullying has become such an epidemic in our school environment, so I decided that would be the initial topic of discussion for the young ones. We first defined what bullying was, and KeithAnne (a student of the class) defined it best. "Bullying is being mean to other people, in a way that you wouldn't want them to be mean to you." I emphasized the importance of being nice to those that may not be nice to you, and we also spoke about what to do if you are ever plagued by a bully. After tackling the issue of bullying, the students and I took part in an activity, I told them what I would try to accomplish as Miss Virgin Islands, and they each wrote me a letter, informing me of one specific thing they would like me to do for them during my year of service. After all, with my title, my job is to give selflessly. I got a few "interesting" requests. Quite a bit made me laugh. I was asked for an xbox, a trip to Trinidad and Tobago, I was even asked to complete a few home work assignments! Another student asked for a crown just like mine, but not exactly like mine, but close enough so that we could be sisters. Another requested that I try my best in Las Vegas and win. That one I'll try and do for sure. The most memorable was a young girl, she asked of me, something that I truly believe broke my heart. She began to cry and read her letter aloud to me. She hugged me afterwards and if all I could do was comfort her, then that I would. Overall, my visit was amazing. I hope to do it again.

P.S. My fellow title holders be weary of letting the little girls "touch" your crown. I made that mistake and it was nothing short of yanked of my head! I laughed it off because can you really blame a six year old girl for craving a shiny princess crown? :)

I then traveled upstairs to visit with the 9th-12th grade girls, to speak about my platform which is so close to my heart, and those girls were not easy on me! I began by telling them a little about myself and why I chose my platform. My struggles with low self esteem are my motivation to prevent any young woman from encountering that. My goal to change the idea of beauty is persistent and never ending because no girl can ever live up to the physical standards placed on her by society, and no girl should ever have to. We spoke about beauty being that which lies within. What you think and what you give back makes you beautiful. A face will fade away with time, but if you are able to  inspire and leave an amazing message with someone, that above all else makes you beautiful. The questions rolled in one after the other. I was asked about boyfriends, they were awed that a beauty queen likes her natural curls. They questioned the motives of beauty queens, "Do they really pepper spray dresses?" "How many of you all starve yourself before the pageant?" Of course I've never experienced either. Every single one of my Miss America sisters have been nothing but positive thus far, welcoming and enjoyable, and I emphasized the fact that Miss America is based on a healthy life style. Hurting yourself for a pageant is never worth it. Then, after grilling me endlessly, they requested that I sing for them! I was terrified. Even now, teenage girls stir a certain fright in me. They are the harshest critics, but I swallowed all those fears and sand the very first verse of "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston. They applauded after it all, thank goodness. So If I'm good to them, then I've got this. We left each other, and I knew that I had left a lasting impression on them. That is always my goal and I think on that day, I achieved it.

 Thank you so much to these girls for being welcoming and although they weren't easy on me, they sure did prepare me for things I'll have too get used to. Love you guys! 

....“For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.” (Luke 12:48)....

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