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Friday, September 14, 2012

Moms are the most important accessory to any successful journey...

I can't begin to express how amazing and rare this experience is. Today I took my official head and competition shots. What a feeling! I brought my mom along as well and although I love how proud I have made others, her being proud of me is truly the most fulfilling. She said last night that her little girls were all grown up and soon we wouldn't need her anymore. But how wrong she is. She has taught me every value of a true queen; Resiliance in the time of struggle, faith when the dark times seem more powerful, and above all love and compassion. I feel as though I am most prepared for this journey because of what she has taught me, so today I took my official pictures for Miss America, and that meant such a great deal to me...But today my mom used her phone and took a million unofficial pictures of her "princess" and that meant the world to me.
With Love,
Miss Virgin Islands.

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