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Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Crown Never Comes Off...

I've been AWAY! I hope you guys have not forgotten about me, because I certainly have not forgotten about my fans and supporters. You all are most definitely a great motivation behind me. It's a bit overwhelming coming from a territory that is more often than not, looked over. I am only the ninth representative from the U.S. Virgin Islands to compete in the Miss America Pageant. I have been working and training endlessly to prove that I am a true contender and that I belong on this path, I deserve this just as much as all my Miss America sisters do. I am not to be looked over, because my passion is intense and my drive and determination are endless. I hope that thus far, I have made you all proud. I've been wearing this crown all my life, I just never knew it. I've always had something to say, something to prove to the world. I've always known that my passion for enhancing the lives of young women, would take me to unimaginable heights. But, Miss America is a mountain I'd never thought I would climb. But climb it I will, and every single time I fall or stumble, I get up and stand taller and I push harder. Miss America 2012, the amazing Laura Kaepeller, sent us all an email a few days ago. In it she said something that is most certainly definite; "God knows who the next Miss America will be." He's already planned it. It's already part of his design. But, if I use the tools and talent that God has given me, who knows, I might just be next. With all that being said...I will never count myself out, I will always aim to excel with every step I take and every obstacle I encounter. Not just as a queen, but as a woman, a leader, a philanthropist and student. Through it all, I will stand as tall as a queen should, as strong as she must and as graceful as is expected. As we all should, with all that we do. I've always worn my "invisible crown" and that is why every failure I have encountered has only been a lesson to prepare me for success.

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